Stop Losing Talent to Slightly Higher Pay

Empower your workforce with Holistic Coaching as part of Earned Wage Access, addressing both short and long-term financial hardships. Gain a competitive edge by attracting high-quality candidates, boost employee productivity and engagement, and reduce turnover.

Works with ALL Hr systems

70% of Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck,
Across Most Industries

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Average turnover: x%
Call Centers
Average turnover: x%
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Wondering Why You Are Losing Employees?

Employee stress

Paycheck to paycheck

 62% of Americans currently state that they are living from one paycheck to another.

Cash flow constraints

40% can’t afford a $400 emergency expense.

Record debt

Americans have accumulated a record-breaking $1 trillion in credit card debt.
impact on THE JOB


36% of employees have missed work because of a financial problem.

Poor engagement

45% of employees are distracted by their financial problems while at work.


40% of job turnover is due to stress. 
impact on THE COMPANY


Replacing an employee on average costs 120% - 200% of  salary.

Applicant shortage

Delays project timelines and impacts overall operational efficiency.

Negative Culture

Decreases morale, impact on team dynamics and increases workload.

Competitors Fail to Address the Root Causes of Financial Hardships

Hidden fees

Misleading pricing and a dozen hidden fees are baked into traditional offerings.

Predatory upsells

Affiliate partners are promoted to encourage your employees to spend money faster.

Switching bank acounts

Requiring a new bank account frustrates employees and results in low adoption rates.

Short-term focus

Overly focusing on cash flow constraints can signal a lack commitment to long term positive financial outcomes.

Lack of disclosures

Paying payroll companies for referrals to get new clients creates a conflict of interest.

Slow implementation

Botched implementations take too long and require too much from customers.

Subpar support

Customer care is viewed as an expense and there is no one-contact resolution which leads to a frustrating employee experience.
Up to
greater adherence to clock-in/outs
Up to
more applicants
Up to
less turnover
Up to
less absenteeism

With Stabl Pay’s Easy to Use Wellness Platform, Your Business Wins

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We Do Things Differently Around Here

Stabl is focused on creating positive financial outcomes. And because of that focus, everything Stabl offers is built to improve HR’s ability to attract critical talent, drive employee engagement, and retention.

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Personalized holistic coaching

Coaching is provided via text message, connecting with employees on a channel that works best for them. Plus, with information delivered in bite-sized pieces, financial changes are not overwhelming to employees.

Earned wage access for everyone

Employees can get early access to income they’ve already earned. Requests take less than 30-seconds and include personalized holistic coaching to help employees get back on track with their finances.

Transparent, fair pricing that works with your current bank account.

We promise no hidden fees ever—our pricing is fair and transparent. Achieve industry-high adoption rates as we seamlessly work with employees' existing bank accounts, provide full-service adoption campaigns, and play nicely with employers’ other financial wellness solutions.

World-class customer care and customer success

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will ensure your success as we work together to identify and exceed HR’s KPIs. With a one-contact resolution promise, Stabl is committed to driving measurable impact and solving  problems immediately if they should arise.

Zero Hassle Launch


Launch in less than 2 hours. (We work with ALL HR systems.)


Stabl will run through quality assurance tests to make sure all systems are a go.


Stabl provides full service  adoption campaigns to spread the word.


Employees request early payment and get signed up for personalized financial coaching. 


Get world-class customer support with a 1-call resolution guarantee.

For Employers

Attract more high-quality employees 

Applicants tend to show a greater interest in job opportunities when they are offered more frequent pay. Allowing employers to have a larger hiring pool to find the best candidates for a position.

Increase employee productivity and engagement 

Personalized holistic coaching and earned wage access reduces stress and helps employees focus on the job.

Reduce employee turnover 

With Stabl, employees learn the skills they need to reduce financial stress, so they focus better at work, build loyalty with their employer, and increase tenure.


For Employees

Pay bills on time with Earned Wage Access.

By ensuring you pay bills on time, you gain the peace of mind that comes with financial stability and avoid unnecessary late fees. Enjoy the convenience of having instant access to your earned income, allowing you to focus on what matters most in life. Consistent on-time payments also contribute to building and maintaining a positive credit history, fostering long-term financial health.

Tackle your long term financial goals.

Our personalized coaching provides step by step guidance, empowering you to make informed decisions, build sustainable financial habits, and work towards achieving your future aspirations. With tailored strategies and ongoing emotional support, you'll gain the confidence and skills to navigate your financial journey successfully.

Reducing financial stress improves mental health. 

Our coaching is designed to alleviate the burden of short and long-term financial hardships, providing you with peace of mind and empowering you to focus on your mental health. By gaining control over your finances, you can enjoy a healthier, more balanced life, free from the weight of financial stress.


We’re Trusted By Employers & Employees

Amanda D., VP of Accounting at Atlas Installations
“Stabl Pay has become a critical partner and we use real-time pay as a tool to attract & retain contractors for our projects. Getting paid after their shifts is a huge differentiator for us.”
Taylor B., VP of Human Resources at Redirect Health
“Just after announcing the Stabl service, I had an employee come to me to ask how soon it would be set up because he got hit with a fine that needed to be paid immediately or they would lose their ability to get to work. This is exactly the reason we connected with Stabl.”
Katie W., VP Operations at Dave’s Hot Chicken
“Our restaurants face a lot of turnover. Stabl helps us attract more applicants. Once our team started using it, they fell in love with it. Our team members are young and this benefit is something they really relate to. It wasn’t long before we rolled out the service to all of our franchises”
Angel R.
“The [Stabl] customer service is the best. They walk you through each and every step with no rush. They are really friendly and you can see the interest they have in helping you.”
Pedro R.
“[Stabl] went above and beyond to help me out when I needed financial support. Really good people!”
Pete C.
“Having access to funds between checks has helped me immensely during some massive changes in my life.”

Ask Us Anything

How hard is it to use Stabl? 

It’s easy! Set up your profile in the Stabl app (takes 2 minutes!) and then request your early payout in as little as 30 seconds. The app is user-friendly and easy-to-use, no training necessary.

How can I convince my employer to offer Stabl? 

Stabl offers low-to-no cost options for employers. They can subsidize the 1.5% fee or ask that employees cover it to get early access to earned income. Stabl is a no risk benefit that can help employers boost employee productivity, reduce turnover, and help employees reduce stress so they stay more engaged at work. Send your employer to our website. We’d love to talk!

How often can I use Stabl?

Employers set the number of times employees can use the Stabl early wage access feature between each pay period. If you believe you need more opportunities for early wage access, talk to your employer. For financial coaching, Stabl averages 7 interactions every month with employees that engage with our personal finance coaches.

What does personalized financial coaching look like? 

Personalized financial coaching is built to be easy and tailored to every employee’s specific needs. Coaching is delivered in bite-sized pieces via text message. No videos or courses to find time for and no wordy manuals to sift through. Instead, our financial coaches help you make incremental changes so you can see real results without burning out.


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