HR Value Proposition Statement.

We make it fast and easy for your employees to access their pay between pay periods.


The HR Challenge

HR departments rely on several payroll and benefit solutions for daily operations. But, those solutions don’t always work together. With Stabl Pay, you don’t need to add yet another siloed system to the mix.

Stabl Pay seamlessly integrates with your payroll and other HR solutions, which helps your organization improve efficiency.
Automation between the systems then reduces manual errors. 
Reduce time needed to perform administrative tasks associated with traditional payment methods.
Sync employee data, payroll information, and payment records
Save time incorporating a new tool into your payment workflow
Rely on one comprehensive platform for managing employee compensation

Real-Time Wage Access

Early wage access is a major benefit for employees, including how they get paid. They’ll get access to real-time data about hours worked and wages earned, with immediate access to funds they’ve accrued. 
Here’s how Stabl Pay’s early wage access works:


Employee registers for an account and requests a payout (takes 2 mins)


Employee registers for an account and requests a payout (takes 2 mins)


Money is sent instantly from our bank to the employee’s preferred debit card


Payouts + 1.5% fee deducted from payroll and auto reimbursed on payday via ACH

Maintain Compliance and Security

Early wage access helps your workforce safely avoid predatory capital and secure their financial future when they need support the most

  • Stabl Pay helps safeguard employee financial information
  • Our platform is secure and encrypted for a protected payment process

Integrate with Existing HR Systems

At Stabl Pay, we know how important minimizing disruptions is to your organization and HR functions. We ensure that your existing HR systems integrate well with the Stabl Pay platform, whether you already have accounting, HRIS, or applicant tracking systems in place. We connect seamlessly so that data isn’t lost and processes aren’t disrupted.

  • Sync employee data, payroll information, and payment records
  • Save time figuring out how to incorporate a new tool into your payment workflow
  • Rely on one unified, comprehensive platform for managing employee compensation

Empowers Faster Payments with Stabl Pay

Providing early wage access for employees is a key benefit Stabl Pay provides. By leveraging integrations from Stabl Pay, you’ll enjoy better, more efficient workflows backed by real-time data access and greater accuracy. That’s a win for your whole organization.
Employees get paid faster and gain financial control when they have early wage access, and there are no interruptions to existing systems. Stabl Pay doesn’t impact cash flow or add administrative work.

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Ask Us Anything

How hard is it to use Stabl? 

It’s easy! Set up your profile in the Stabl app (takes 2 minutes!) and then request your early payout in as little as 30 seconds. The app is user-friendly and easy-to-use, no training necessary.

How can I convince my employer to offer Stabl? 

Stabl offers low-to-no cost options for employers. They can subsidize the 1.5% fee or ask that employees cover it to get early access to earned income. Stabl is a no risk benefit that can help employers boost employee productivity, reduce turnover, and help employees reduce stress so they stay more engaged at work. Send your employer to our website. We’d love to talk!

How often can I use Stabl?

Employers set the number of times employees can use the Stabl early wage access feature between each pay period. If you believe you need more opportunities for early wage access, talk to your employer. For financial coaching, Stabl averages 7 interactions every month with employees that engage with our personal finance coaches.

What does personalized financial coaching look like? 

Personalized financial coaching is built to be easy and tailored to every employee’s specific needs. Coaching is delivered in bite-sized pieces via text message. No videos or courses to find time for and no wordy manuals to sift through. Instead, our financial coaches help you make incremental changes so you can see real results without burning out.


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